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Implementing widgets and frameworks that let your website users contribute at websites is a difficult and time consuming task.
Annoty will manage all the coding,security and saving stuff. The only thing you need to do is marking the parts that should be possible to annotate by your users.
See some examples.
Web 2.0 is about letting people contribute. The times of static "read-only" pages are over, therefore technologies are needed that ease the management overhead webmasters are confronted with by programming and maintaining those functionalities.
Annoty will do it for you.
The principle is: It must be easy and quick. See the following code and you can tell it meets this requirement:
	        some page content
	        <a href="**1114867870.default.element1">ANNOTATE HERE</a>
The above code snip might be part of your website. After including the annoty.js file, the green part is the only thing necessary for Annoty to work.
You can find a more detailed explanation in the documenation.
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